Effective Practice

The continuing public discourse and introspection about what it means to be accountable, transparent and effective stewards of a public trust, encourage all nonprofits and foundations to respond. Because of the opportunity provided by the current internet era, any nonprofit or foundation is able to provide a transparent organization not possible before.

As part of our effort to be accountable and to promote accountability, we are making available for interested nonprofit colleagues and the public, the most up-to-date documents through which the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy’s (CCP) staff and board judge whether they have individually and as an organization performed their duties ethically, and in a manner adequate to the public trust invested in them.



Guiding Principles and Effective Practice for Connecticut Grantmakers

CCP's Board of Directors offers this tool to its members and other Connecticut funders to articulate a shared commitment to excellence and to serve as a guide for Connecticut funders as we pursue our missions. See the list of subscribers; and download the publication and sign-on form.





Community Foundations National Standards 
National Standards guide the sound policies and practices that help community foundations achieve results and impact. Eleven of the Nineteen community foundations in Connecticut proudly display the official National Standards seal that signifies their compliance and distinguishes them as a smart investment for philanthropists.

Accountability Self-Assessment Tools for Staffed Foundations 
Accountability Self-Assessment Tools for Unstaffed Foundations
CCP along with its national organization, The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, has developed these Accountability Tools as part of the Building Grantmaker Effectiveness and Accountability initiative. The tools for private foundations (family, independent or corporate) will help ensure compliance with all relevant federal laws and regulations. Please encourage your staff, trustees and advisers to take advantage of these valuable tools.

Glasspockets is a Foundation Center initiative that champions philanthropic transparency in an online world. Launched in 2010, but with roots dating back to the Center’s founding in 1956, Glasspockets provides the data, resources, examples, and action steps foundations need to understand the value of transparency, be more open in their own communications, and help shed more light on how private organizations are serving the public good.

Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency
A new GrantCraft guide produced in collaboration with Glasspockets provides practical advice for funders to publicly share various aspects of their operations, work, and knowledge.



Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency

IRS Clarifies Rules for Grants to Organizations that Lobby
A letter clarifying how foundations can support grantees that engage in lobbying and election-related activities.

Self Dealing: A Concise Guide for Foundation Board and Staff Guide
An overview on the self-dealing law, including definitions, common problem areas, exceptions, penalties, and resources.

10 Common Errors to Avoid in Completing A Private Foundation's 990-PF
For tax preparers of the 990-PF, this publication highlights those areas most commonly completed incorrectly and provides explanations and directions for proper completion.

What You Should Know Before Signing Your Oganization's Form 990-PF
Resource for top officers who sign the Form 990-PF to understand the important safeguards they should undertake before signing the tax return.