Beyond DEI: Bridging Divides to Build Partnerships that Work

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 -
8:30am to 3:00pm EDT
St. Clements Castle, 1931 Portland Cobalt Rd, Portland, CT
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Liberty Bank Foundation's 2019 Conference

For funders and nonprofits

"DEI" -- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -- has generated a lot of conversation for years. We're all on board with the concept, but now it's time to actually do something. That's why our 2019 conference will focus on DEI in action. Let's face it, there's always more than one elephant in the room when the conversation turns to equity issues ... but unless we acknowledge those critters and look them in the eye, nothing is going to change. We've asked some top-notch thinkers to tell us candidly how we can get out of our own way (and everyone else's) to be true partners with one another and with those we serve. So be brave and be there, as we all listen and learn!


Nonprofits' Necessary Existential Crisis: Are We Perpetuating the Injustice We Seek to Address?

Vu Le, Executive Director, Rainier Valley Corps

As the executive director of an agency whose mission it is to cultivate and strengthen leaders of color and the organizations they run, Vu Le has a unique perspective on how nonprofits can overcome racial and cultural barriers that impede collaboration. He has a wealth of ideas that will make all of us (nonprofits and funders alike) more thoughtful, effective and respectful partners. And as a renowned blogger and thought leader, Vu can be counted on to deliver his message with his trademark approach: passionate, humorous, and telling it like it is. Get ready to be inspired!


  • Working Cities Challenge: A New Model for Systems Change - led by David Radcliffe, Working Cities Challenge
  • How to Drive Donor Engagement Using Social Media - Julia Campbell, Principal, Julia Campbell Social Marketing
  • Community Engagement: Activating the Community Landscape for Systems Change - Bill Traynor, Co-Founder and Partner, Trusted Space Partners


Bending the Arc Toward Justice: A Vision for Equity in the Community Benefits Sector

Facilitated by Vu Le

The goal: move from conversation to action. While funders and nonprofits are often working toward the same goals and missions, power dynamics, political realities, and expectations often work together to keep them from having honest conversations that could move the field forward. If we imagined our hope for the field in 20 years, what would a high-functioning nonprofit sector look like? How would we be communicating, coordinating, and collaborating together? How do we actualize the principles of race, equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice? What are the challenges that keep us from that vision, and what actions can we take right now?

Workshop Sponsored by the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy


8:30 AM - Registration and Networking
9:00 AM - Welcome
9:30 AM - Three Concurrent Workshops
11:15 AM - Keynote
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:15 PM - Plenary Workshop


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