Corporate Webinar Series: Measuring Your Giving ROI

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm EDT
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For staff of corporate giving programs


As corporate giving professionals, we often wonder if the funding and other resources we invest in causes will yield results. What performance indicators will demonstrate impact? How do we determine what is most important to measure and exhibit a project’s success? In this webinar, we will explore measurement’s role in supporting corporate giving programs, different approaches used by companies, and how to work effectively with your community partners to access the information you really need. Participants will also walk away with ideas for sharing results with stakeholders and leveraging data to enhance future investment decisions. 


$35 for Partnership Members (IN, MN, MI, OH)
$50 for Non-Members and Members of Other Associations, including Connecticut Council for Philanthropy


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Contact Lissa Silotto, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance,, 317-630-5200 ext 119 .    

2017 Corporate Giving Webinar Series

Presented by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Council of Michigan Foundations, Minnesota Council on Foundations, Philanthropy Ohio

Regional Associations from four Midwest states have collaborated to present a series of six webinars designed for companies with a corporate foundation, advised fund at a community foundation, or a giving program. This series specifically targets business professionals who want to think smarter and perform better when it comes to combining their corporate mission with philanthropic action.

Corporate philanthropy is an essential business function that helps support communities where companies are based, foster employee engagement, and generate business value. Individuals want to work for companies that support their communities, and consumers want to purchase goods from companies that are doing good in the world. The Corporate Giving webinar series offers data supporting the need for corporate philanthropy and development strategies to help giving programs succeed.

2/22/2017 | Effective Employee Engagement Strategies (hosted by Minnesota Council on Foundations)
4/19/2017 | CSR as a Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy (hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance)
6/28/2017 | Measuring Your Giving ROI (hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance)
8/23/2017 | Leveraging Grants Management for Effective Grantmaking (hosted by Philanthropy Ohio)
10/18/2017 | Triple Bottom Line Best Practices (hosted by Minnesota Council on Foundations)
12/13/2017 | Connected, but Different: Empowering Giving Programs Across Geographies (hosted by Council of Michigan Foundations)

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