A Free Online Course - Collective Impact Principles and Community

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 9:00am EDT
Online e-course
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A Free Online Course offered by Living Cities for staff and trustees of grantmaking organizations
The recent surge of interest and resources around collective impact principles has highlighted an important concern and challenge for many practitioners: Where does the community fit in? 
Living Cities has constructed a free e-course The Why and How of Working with Communities through Collective Impact to equip those involved in collective impact initiatives with tools for including and working with community members.
This free e-course will walk participants through five modules designed to help collective impact initiatives better understand why and how to work with community members. Each module includes resources, discussion questions and interactive exercises that will be released on LivingCities.org.
The course will launch on March 17th, with a new module released each week.
Click here to register for the course and enjoy free access to supplemental resources, interactive digital discussions, a live webinar, and alerts to help you and/or your team stay on track along the way.