Mobilizing a Multi-Sector Approach to a Healthier America

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 9:00am EST
Center for Contemporary Culture, Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT
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Colleagues from the philanthropic, nonprofit and academic sectors convened in a discussion centered around a new publication "The American Health Care Paradox." The authors offered new perspectives for health care delivery, learn about the current relationship betweend the health care and social service sectors, and joined in conversation about ways for these sectors to collaborate to improve individual and population health and well-being.

Dr. Elizabeth Bradley, Professor of Public Health, Director of Global Health Leadership Institute, Yale University
Lauren Taylor, MPH, Presidential Scholar, Harvard Divinity School
Also participating:
Dr. Jewel Mullen, Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Health
James O'S. Morton, ESQ., President and CEO, YMCA of Greater Hartford

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Attendees learned about:

  • investments in health and social spending in the US and other countries and their relationship to the nation's health
  • a perspective on how the US historically has directed its health care spending and the implications for health outcomes
  • examples from the US and abroad where linking social programs and health care delivery shows promise for improving health
  • ways for the health and social support sectors to collaborate on initiatives aimed at improving individual and population health and well-being

Attendees engaged in conversation and shared comments regarding:

  • how linkages across the health and social support sectors might be strengthened to benefit health outcomes
  • how to be more effective in advocating for the inclusion of the social sector as a contributor to the health care system

This special event was sponsored by The Donaghue Foundation, the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, and Connecticut Associaton of Nonprofits.
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