Program Officer Network

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 -
9:30am to 11:30am EDT
Graustein Memorial Fund, Hamden, CT
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For any Council member who has responsibility for program implementation and management

Lessons Learned: What Our Best or Worst Grants Can Tell Us

Has one of your recent grants hit a home run or missed the mark? As with many things, grantmaking is not an exact science. Here’s an opportunity to learn with and from your peers about grants that were successful and surprisingly a hit, or that resulted in unintended consequences and failure.  Learn about the strategies, decisions, or process that contributed to the outcomes. 

Join your peers to: 

  • share an example of a recent or current grant and hear your colleagues’ take on it,
  • discuss how different organizational cultures communicate about mistakes and accomplishments internally and externally, and
  • learn how others recognized issues early and how they made midcourse corrections.

Hear about grant senarios from three of your colleagues

Plan to take part in the conversation!

Do you have a grant situation that might touch on one of the following situations?

  • Have you had grants that were successful beyond expectations; how this happen?
  • If you’ve had a grant that was floundering, how did you decide to intervene and what did you do?
  • Have you had a situation where the program minimized or moved away from the core objectives of the grant awarded?
  • Have you run into a situation where operational issues (leadership, finances, operations) created difficulties for the organization or execution of the grant?
  • How did your board or senior staff respond to a grant that was well received or less successful than intended?
  • How do successful or problematic grants reflect on the funder?
  • Whether great grant or not, how do you share, process and document lessons learned?

There will be ample time for discussion, so plan to join your colleagues in this collaborative exchange.  

If you have suggestions for future conversations, or questions, contact CCP Director of Member Services Deb Werner, 860-525-5585.

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