What’s All the Talk About?: Introduction to Dialogue Practices & Facilitation

Monday, June 28, 2021 - 1:00pm EDT
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In this interactive webinar, Civic Ambassadors will learn about dialogue and deliberation as useful strategies for engaging others in difficult conversations that lead to understanding of different perspectives, finding common ground for decision-making, and building a collaborative mindset to address challenges in their communities. They'll also learn about the different types of dialogue and deliberation practices--their purposes or goals, strategies, and formats. Lastly, participants will experience a "sample dialogue" led by a highly trained Everyday Democracy facilitator using the "neutral facilitation" modality.

Participants will come out of this webinar with an understanding of Everyday Democracy’s Dialogue to Change process and practices that they can use working with others in their communities, including group dialogue agreements, the importance of relationship-building, and the role of the dialogue facilitator.Because this is a free webinar and space is limited, we give priority to our CT Civic Ambassadors. 

Therefore, before registering for this exciting webinar, we encourage you to first sign-up as a CT Civic Ambassador by clicking this link: https://www.Everyday-Democracy.org/civicambassador.

If you're a CT Civic Ambassador or have just signed-up as one, you can then register here: https://everyday-democracy.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvd-mrpjgqEtGK-565Bums0FYKNewpZTjs

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