Disaster Relief

Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy 2014: Data to Drive Decisions

Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy 2014: Data to Drive Decisions, a new report by Foundation Center and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) helps donors, NGOs, government agencies, and media gain an increased understanding of how much foundation funding is spent on disasters each year, by whom, and for what activities. The report presents an analysis of funding for disasters by the largest U.S. foundations. It finds that, in 2012, 234 foundations made 884 grants totaling $111 million for disasters.

State of Connecticut Charities Disaster Relief Guide

In the wake of a disaster, people are often deeply moved to find a way to aid their fellow citizens. Giving to charities is one of the most common ways of offering help, but finding an appropriate charity in the aftermath of a disaster can be difficult or even confusing. Others may want to establish new charities, and existing charities will receive and seek donations to aid in the response to a disaster. This guide offers some suggestions and advice both for those who wish to make charitable donations as well as for those new or existing charities involved in raising funds for disaster relief.

Sandy Hook Report: Charitable Response to the December 14, 2012 Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Attorney General George Jepsen and state Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein released a report on the overwhelming charitable response that evaluates information provided voluntarily by organizations engaged in fundraising related to the tragedy, provides a quantitative analysis of survey responses and identifies ways that state regulators and the nonprofit community can partner and collaborate to provide transparency, bolster donor confidence, consolidate resources and increase coordination.

Emergency Response and Recovery: Staying Informed & Accessing Basic Human Needs

Emergency Response and Recovery utilizes 2-1-1 data and other information to explore issues affecting Connecticut residents. This edition of the 2-1-1 Barometer outlines the framework for the state's coordinated response and recovery program and includes valuable links to 2-1-1 and other preparedness and recovery resources.