Early Childhood

Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System

Find early childhood resources by topic through the Early Childhood National Centers for Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA). T/TA promote excellence through high-quality, practical resources and approaches and they are designed to build early childhood program capacity and promote consistent practices across communities, states, Tribes, and territories. These Centers bring together the knowledge and skills from Head Start, child care, and health partners across the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Co-Creation: Viewing Partnerships Through A New Lens

"Co-Creation," written by Patricia Bowie, is a case study about the Connecticut Early Childhood Funder Collaborative, a project of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy. The case study examines co-creation, an emerging systems change collaboration model which grew out of a funder-and-state partnership. This unique partnership led to the creation by executive order of a new and independent Office of Early Childhood, which was formally approved by the Connecticut State Legislature in 2013. The new case study is significant, as there is much written about funder partnerships and collaboration success stories, but little discussion on different kinds of collaborative ventures and the lessons learned by philanthropy.

Improving the Odds: Seven Principles for Investing in Early Care and Education

This FSG guide is written for funders (including private, community, and corporate foundations as well as individual philanthropists) who are new to investing in ECE, who seek to understand how their investments fit into the larger picture, or who want to complement programmatic grantmaking with investments that build a stronger system.

Funder Collaboratives: Why and How Funders Work Together

In this guide, contributors share strategies for structuring a collaborative to fit its purpose, building strong relationships and resolving conflicts, and figuring out if the collaborative you're in is working. Contributors also offer ample proof that collaboratives are leading the field in bringing the voices of nonfunders - grantees, intended beneficiaries, experts, and others - into the process of making grants.

What Early Learning in ESSA Can Look Like for States and Districts

First Five Years Fund (FFYF) has developed this resource to serve as a helpful tool for states writing innovative ESSA early learning plans. This shareable, downloadable resource highlights the law’s express early learning provisions, as well as others that could strengthen and expand early childhood initiatives at the state and local level.