Manager of Strategy and Learning

PFF is based in New Haven, Connecticut, and it is expected that employees reside in the state.
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Monday, August 22, 2022
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Job Description

The Perrin Family Foundation envisions a society free from systemic oppression where Black and Brown youth exercise their innate power and live fully, at ease, in joy and liberation.  Geographically focused on the state of Connecticut, our mission is to invest in and cultivate support for an ecosystem that builds the collective leadership and power of Black and Brown youth in order to advance movements for racial and social justice.  Our work and approach are grounded in and guided by our core values, which you can learn more about here.

The only foundation in Connecticut exclusively dedicated to youth-led social justice, over the past decade PFF’s grantmaking, capacity building, and field building efforts have played an instrumental role in developing and strengthening the youth-led social change landscape in our state.   More recently, PFF has engaged in a deep internal development and strategic planning work, with the goal of better aligning our internal structure and governance with our core mission and developing a theory of change and strategic framework that will guide our work over the next decade.  In our external work, PFF will pursue the development of strategies aligned with our role in the ecosystem, which includes: providing funding for youth-led racial and social justice efforts, partnering to incubate infrastructure that supports a strong field, building knowledge and shifting narratives about youth-led racial and social justice work, and organizing within philanthropy in service of our mission. 

Often described by others as a foundation that has “outsized impact” given its size, PFF is seeking new team members as we embark on the implementation of our strategic framework. 



PFF seeks an experienced candidate with a demonstrated commitment to social and racial justice to join our team as Manager of Strategy and Learning.  Reporting to the President, this newly-created position will serve as a thought partner to the President, work closely with the Program Officer and play a key leadership role in the implementation of our new strategic framework.  Broadly, the role of the Manager of Strategy and Learning is to: build internal and external understanding of the youth-led racial and social justice landscape in Connecticut and beyond; expand and deepen relationships with stakeholders in the ecosystem; identify areas of challenge and opportunity and generate ideas for innovative actionable responses; and support PFF in developing a framework for assessing our impact and success.  In particular, the Manager of Strategy and Learning will be responsible for managing two areas of work under PFF’s strategic framework: working collaboratively with partners to strengthen field infrastructure and building knowledge and will for co-investment in youth-led racial and social justice efforts.  It is expected that this role will evolve as PFF works towards implementation of its strategic framework.  Specific responsibilities include:

Strategy Development:

  • Broaden and deepen PFF’s network of relationships with key stakeholders and constituencies beyond our current network of grantee partners.
  • Stay informed of gaps, needs, and developments in the field through research, dialogue, and engagement with key partners and stakeholders.
  • Based on learnings, propose, develop, and execute new ideas and strategies that will seed, scale, and strengthen youth-led social change and organizing infrastructure across Connecticut.
  • Works in partnership with the Program Officer to manage PFF’s funding allocations for “direct charitable activities,” the non-grant resources that support the execution of our missions and strategic priorities.
  • Create and manage the execution of a new strategy to amplify the voices of our grantee partners and other field leaders.

Funder Organizing:

  • Support funder organizing efforts at PFF by conducting 1:1s with philanthropic peers and colleagues.
  • Participate in and represent PFF in funder collaboratives and networks.
  • Partner with other team members at PFF to leverage additional philanthropic investments in support of PFF’s grantee partners and strategies.
  • Contribute to the development of publications, articles, and other strategies that catalyze commitment to youth-led racial and social justice and advance accountability in the philanthropic sector.

Learning and Evaluation:

  • Lead efforts to ensure PFF’s value of “ongoing learning and adaptation” is robustly operationalized in our work.  This includes assisting with the development of a values-aligned evaluation framework to help track and assess the impact and outcomes of PFF’s work. 
  • Gather information on best practices and trends in the philanthropic sector and youth-led social justice landscape and share with PFF’s staff, board, and Strategy Council to inform our ongoing learning and adaptation. 
  • Help ensure that the development and design of grantmaking and other initiatives are informed by and responsive to field-centered needs, challenges, and opportunities.

Compensation and Benefits:

The salary range for this position is $80,000-$90,000. PFF’s benefits package includes health and dental coverage, life insurance, retirement benefits through a SIMPLE IRA, and paid time off.


To Apply:

Please apply for this position online  Manager of Strategy and Learning. This position will remain open until filled. Priority consideration will be given to those that apply by August 22, 2022.