CCP Public Policy Action Alert - September 8, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HARTFORD, CT -- A Member Public Policy Action Alert - September 8, 2014 about the America Gives More Act.

MAKE THE CALL! We urge you and your colleagues, board members, volunteers, clients, and donors – everyone who cares about your organizations’ missions – to join us in calling Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy to tell them:

"Don’t leave Washington in September until the Senate passes the America Gives More Act; our communities are counting on you!”

Supporters of the America Gives More Act should call the DC office of their Senators immediately:

  • Senator Richard Blumenthal: (202) 224-2823
  • Senator Chris Murphy: (202) 224-4041

Access Talking Points HERE >>

WHY NOW: We only have a few days to confound conventional wisdom in Washington and to strengthen our communities through passage of the America Gives More Act.

  • Right now (eight weeks before the elections), politicians care most about and are vulnerable to the will of constituents; that interest wanes significantly after the elections. Private foundations must act now to push forward the simplification of the foundation excise tax or it will be lost.
  • Later, after the elections, Congress is expected to pass a short-term package of tax items and leave debate over permanent tax incentives to a later day/year/decade. That means that for the foreseeable future, our community will lose important improvements to the food donation provision,simplification of the foundation excise tax, and extension of the period for making charitable donations until April 15.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or if you have questions about your ability as a foundation to engage in this activity please see the resources on the CCP’s website >>.


Maggie Gunther Osborn
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy

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