CCP 2022 Conference Recap and Resources

Publication date: 
September, 2022

Moving Forward Together

Thursday, September 15, 2022
Bushnell Performing Arts Center, Hartford, CT

Our 2022 annual conference was a day of learning and community building that brought together nearly 200 participants from around the state for our first in-person conference since 2019. This year's theme was Moving Forward Together - we explored how we can come together as a community to create a bigger impact with our work. As we confront challenges on a variety of fronts, private foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals can work together in new ways to address long-standing issues.

This year’s conference speakers explored the future of philanthropy with new visions for practice, leadership, and partnership in the wake of the pandemic and significant changes within the state. We featured a live interview with philanthropic leaders, networking roundtables, acknowledgment of CCP's leadership by Board Chair Tiffany Donelson, updates on the state of Connecticut philanthropy by CCP President Karla Fortunato, and a keynote address by journalist and author Anna Sale. Once more, we thank our 2022 Conference Supporters.

We captured the conference in photos, community art projects, and round table discussions. You can find materials and notes on the conference below. 

CCP's 2022 Conference Program Booklet >>


One thing was clear across the conference: now is the time to act. Philanthropy has an opportunity to leverage once-in-a-generation federal and state investments to address deep systemic issues that have been exacerbated during the pandemic. Karla, Jay, and Frances discussed how philanthropy can have real impact when we collaborate and are guided by long-term vision, even as we work to seize this moment to create real change. Speakers stressed how community and connection are key to the work of philanthropy, and how to enter into conversations with partners in ways that strengthen relationships and enhance our work.

Topics included:

  • The workforce, education, and affordable housing as areas where social change is needed now more than ever before.
  • How philanthropy can harness both money AND knowledge to help create real change. Presenters discussed how pooling resources and forming partnerships will allow funders to have greater influence on social issues.
  • The importance of having a clear vision for your philanthropy and ensuring that your vision is bigger than your tenure in order to be truly impactful.
  • The role of having a north star to guide your philanthropic strategy and ensure it is aligned with the broader community's needs and issues.



Across the conference, attendees engaged in conversations to give input on what philanthropy should focus on going forward, and the values currently driving their work. Through roundtable discussions, our values board, feedback and more - you made your voices heard. We've compiled a visual representation in the above word cloud.


After years of Zoom calls, we knew how important it was to be able to reconnect and recharge with colleagues. The afternoon was dedicated to conversation and our networking roundtables. Attendees had the chance to talk with a wide variety of peers with dedicated spaces for connecting around roles, organization type, mission, and more. Conversations were engaging and inspiring!


Let's Talk About Hard Things

In her keynote, author and podcast host Anna Sale outlined the crucial role of connections and the need for authentic conversations in creating community. She invited us to consider how we can use our relationships to help us find our way, and how we can use the power of connection to discuss difficult topics with others. 

Journalist, political reporter, interviewer, and host of an award-winning WNYC podcast, Anna is the author of the book Let's Talk About Hard Things, which The New Yorker wrote "shows us how supportive listening happens." Since 2014, she's been doing interviews focused on "the things we think about a lot and need to talk about more."


How Can We Move Philanthropy Forward?

In an engaging live interview, Anna Sale sat down with Frances G. Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, and Jay Williams, president and CEO of the Hartford Foundation For Public Giving to discuss their experiences in the philanthropic field as well as key themes around power, relationships, identity, and resources. They discussed how philanthropy can be impactful, nimble, relevant and humble.