CCP Member COVID Grants Reporting

Publication date: 
May, 2020

As part of CCP’s crucial support of philanthropic coordination, CCP is compiling information about grants given by CCP members to date in response to the COVID-19 crisis and will be making findings available to our members.

Please help in this important effort by sharing a quick spreadsheet with response grant information. Please use the recommended taxonomy described below.

Please send grants information directly to Data Fellow Haley Gillman.


Guide to CCP Covid Response Grant Data Taxonomy

In order to standardize the collection of grant data and ensure the information is as widely applicable as possible, CCP is using the taxonomy outlined by Candid’s Philanthropy Classification System for the national collection of data from the philanthropic sector. More information about each category, and how it relates specifically to COVID-19 response grants, is outlined below.

Basic & Emergency Assistance: Includes direct financial assistance to individuals and support to nonprofits providing direct assistance to individuals.

Child Care / Dependent Care: Includes financial support for individuals needing to pay for child care or dependent care, financial support to individual child care providers, child care support for healthcare or frontline workers, and support to the child care and dependent care sector.

Civic Engagement, Community Organizing, Social Justice, Human Rights: Includes community organizing, as well as anti-discrimination work, civic participation work, and work promoting and meeting needs of individual communities.

Communicable Disease Control: Includes PPE (personal protective equipment), cleaning products, and other transitions and actions necessary to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

Community & Economic Development: Includes workforce support, support to businesses, and other economic development grants.

Disaster Relief: Includes emergency funding to organizations to enable them to sustain operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Education: Includes support to schools and training programs, support to nonprofit organizations that provide education and training services, and grants to nonprofits that support and/or advocate for the education sector.

Food Aid: Includes support to food banks, food pantries, and other groups providing direct food distribution.

Housing: Includes moving people experiencing homelessness into housing, as well as supports or services to keep people in housing such as rent and mortgage relief.

Medical Support Services: The provision of health care, including testing, medication, behavioral and mental health, support to providers of these services, and other supports like transportation and telehealth.

News & Public Information: Includes support for journalism, media, reports, and public information campaigns.

Violence Prevention: Includes support to nonprofits and programs focused on preventing and reducing incidents of domestic violence and child abuse.

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