Funding Formula Guidebook

Publication date: 
November, 2016
Connecticut School Finance Project

The Connecticut School Finance Project's new release, Funding Formula Guidebook, is a comprehensive guidebook that examines the components of an equitable school finance system and how Connecticut can achieve fair funding for its more than 540,000 public school students.

The Connecticut School Finance Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, which strives to be an independent and trusted source of accurate school finance data and information. In the wake of the Superior Court ruling in Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) v. Rell, and the State’s appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court, we have received numerous inquiries from policymakers, educators, parents, and community members interested in how Connecticut can improve how it funds public education.

In an effort to provide valuable background information about the components of an effective school finance system, and offer options for consideration, we have created the Funding Formula Guidebook, which includes:

  • An overview of policy approaches to state education funding
  • A review of research on effective education funding policies
  • A summary of recent education funding reforms in other states
  • An examination of how Connecticut’s current school finance system measures up to the necessary elements and characteristics of an effective school finance system
  • A comprehensive analysis of key school finance system components
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