Giving in Connecticut 2016

Publication date: 
December, 2016
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy (CCP)

Giving in Connecticut looks at charitable giving by Connecticut grantmakers and residents, including: individual giving through reported contributions, bequests made through estate giving, and foundation giving. Giving in Connecticut uses data from the IRS Statistics of income Division, the Foundation Center, and self-reported data gathered by CCP.

Report Highlights:

  • Giving in Connecticut from all sources at $4.51 billion was down 3.2% from 2013, due primarily to a drop in bequests.
  • Giving by individuals at $3.40 billion was up 2.8%.
  • Giving by all foundations at $1.02 billion was up 2.1%.
  • Giving via bequests was down 74% after being up the previous year by 76%.
  • Giving by individuals and bequests combined at $3.48 billion amounted to 77% of all giving.
  • Giving by foundations: most grants went to Education and Health.
  • Giving by foundations is greatest in Fairfield county where 56% of CT foundations are based. They gave $747 million to charities, representing 73% of total foundation grantmaking.

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