Learning Together: Actionable Approaches for Grantmakers

This publication takes an in-depth look at what it means to open our learning and evaluation practices to grantees, other funders, community members, government agencies and others involved in the work. It addresses some of the big questions that grantmakers face in designing success shared learning approaches and shares five case studies of how GEO members are putting these ideas into practice.

A Guide to Measuring Advocacy and Policy

As more foundations and non-profits have engaged in advocacy and policy work to address public issues and effect social change, there is a growing desire to gauge the impact of investments in this area. How to evaluate the effectiveness of advocacy and policy work is an emerging question of interest within the philanthropic and non-profit audiences. Answering that question, however, has proven difficult because relatively few instructive resources exist to
help those who wish to measure progress in this area.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Family Ties: How Philanthropy is Bridging the Generation Gap

NEW YORK, NY -- Linda Franciscovich, executive director of The Grossman Family Foundation and a member of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy’s board of directors, is interviewed by Fudiciary Trust in recognition of National Philanthropy Month. The discussion centers around the evolution of philanthropy—how multiple generations are working together to tackle society’s most pressing challenges.