State of the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit Law 101 for Journalists

This is a really helpful and reader-friendly summary of nonprofit law that is helpful not only to journalists but to others who are sometimes perplexed by legalese.

The Nonprofit Sector in Connecticut

The Independent Sector's state profile highlights the economic importance, diversity and community impact of the nonprofit sector in Connecticut.

National Study of Nonprofit-Government Contracts and Grants 2013

Urban Institute's report discusses the results of the 2013 National Survey of Nonprofit-Government Contracts and Grants. Access the Connecticut State Profile, All State Profiles and Findings from the National Survey. The report provides national and state-by-state snapshots of most types of nonprofit organizations that have contracts and grants with local, state, and federal governments. The individual state profiles are designed to document the extent of nonprofit-government contracting, processes and problems. States are also ranked according to number of grants, types of issues, and actions taken by nonprofits to address the challenges they face.