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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Inspirica: From Homeless to Home

STAMFORD, CT -- Inspirica is seeking an Executive Director to solidify the organization’s gains and maintain its financial strength while leading the organization to heightened levels of achievement.


PNP Staffing Group is proud to have been retained by Inspirica in their search for their next Executive Director. 

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Inspirica is one of the largest providers of services to the homeless in the state.  Their mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by helping people achieve--and maintain--permanent housing and stability in their lives.  Inspirica serves the full spectrum of those who become homeless, offers support services that address the root causes of homelessness, and operates the full range of housing options: emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent, supportive housing, deeply affordable housing, and rapid rehousing.

Leadership and Operational Responsibilities

The next Executive Director’s foremost responsibility will be to solidify the organization’s gains and maintain its financial strength while leading the organization to heightened levels of achievement.  Key focus areas for the next few years are to:  a) continue to develop the fundraising base to include foundations, corporations and significant individual donors while nurturing and growing the existing relationships with donors, funders, and other supporters; b) lead a strategic planning process and develop a revised strategic plan; c) evaluate the current programs and services to determine whether they should be continued, expanded or terminated;  d) further refine the culture to reinforce a climate of collaboration and inclusion and maintain standards of excellence; and e) develop and maintain relationships with state, local and national funding sources. 

Executive Director Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Executive Director will be to position the organization for the future.

Program Development & Delivery:  Implement current programming initiatives and determine opportunities for key existing and potential programming initiatives.

Internal Organizational Leadership:  Lead, engage, motivate and manage an accomplished, dedicated, and collaborative staff and volunteers; promote an open and transparent work environment; build relationships of trust, responsibility and accountability with staff; assess and evaluate personnel alignment and organizational infrastructure; enhance human resources processes, staff development and training.

Board of Directors/Advisory Committee:  Work collaboratively with the Board to ensure its active involvement and support for a comprehensive programmatic, financial and marketing agenda for continued organizational growth.

Strategic Planning:  In collaboration with the Board and senior staff, conduct a rigorous and thorough strategic review including its mission, values, programmatic goals, content and organizational structure.  The review should examine program offerings, staffing, and financial resources and ensure optimal training methodology and further align staff to implement objectives. 

Fundraising:  Work with the Board to develop and implement a long-range fundraising plan to significantly enhance a stronger, sustainable base of support for among foundations, corporations, local and state governments and individuals.  

Communications and Constituent Relations:  In collaboration with staff and the Board, develop and implement a plan to significantly enhance and maintain relationships with philanthropic and corporate funders, community, government and business leaders 
and media representatives to expand their knowledge of the mission and accomplishments. 

Financial Management and Legal Compliance:  Continue to conduct the finances utilizing the best practices of transparency, prudence and accountability including the development and achievement of the annual budget and long-range plan; ensure compliance with investment policy; provide investment oversight to the endowment fund; oversee operational controls, systems and technology.  The Executive Director will work with staff to prepare and operate from an approved budget and ensure that appropriate financial checks and balances are in place.  The Executive Director also will work closely with the Board, in particular the Finance Committee, on budget preparation and maintenance of fiscal discipline.

Metrics: Able to understand and develop metrics for complying with governmental contract compliance, evaluating program effectiveness and communicating achievements including to donors, the public and staff. 


Candidates should have a track record indicating strategic and management and development  success. Experience working with culturally and economically diverse communities is essential. While no one person will possess all of the qualities listed below, the ideal candidate will have a majority of these professional and personal characteristics.

Experience:  A minimum of seven years of experience with demonstrable success as a steward of responsible fundraising and organization-building; experience working within the nonprofit sector and with a broad range of constituents; experience in the field of homelessness or social services is a plus.

Management:  Demonstrable understanding of a collaborative and transparent model for leading and managing; capacity for and commitment to a transparent, honest, ethical and supportive work environment; creative use of limited physical and fiscal resources and familiarity with HR issues; strong interpersonal skills which motivate and lead staff, volunteers, the funder base and the Board.  Able to inspire and empower. 

Finance:  Executive experience in the nonprofit sector with budgeting processes of planning, rigorous review, developing and implementing long term budget goals and effectively executing against an annual budget.  

Fundraising:  A solid track record in developing and executing strategies for annual fundraising campaigns to increase support from individual donors, corporations, foundations and government entities; a record of actively soliciting funds and inspiring donors to donate.

Marketing and Communications:  Strong communication skills to serve as an effective spokesperson, increasing public awareness and broadening the organization’ s reputation.  Able to be communicate a clear vision to both internal and external constituencies. 

Public-Speaking:  Media and public speaking skills for being "the face" of the organization both internally and externally including with government officials and community partners.

Education:  An undergraduate degree is expected and an advanced degree in a discipline relevant to carrying out the organization’s mission is a plus.

Personal Characteristics 

Passion and Commitment:  Commitment to the mission and to serving the needs of the community, ability to broaden public understanding of homelessness, help clients access services and be able to develop strategies for addressing those needs.   

Creativity and Proactivity:  Demonstrable high level of initiative and collaborative leadership: an individual who thinks broadly and is open to fresh ideas from a variety of sources, able to include all levels of staff and partners in defining and supporting the mission and able to impart credibility, trust, enthusiasm and integrity. An individual who can motivate and inspire others.

Diplomacy:  Demonstrable grace and consensus building skills: an individual who negotiates and navigates change while communicating clearly and maintaining decisive, proactive and fair treatment of others.

Collaboration:  Skills for establishing and maintaining a strong, inclusive working partnerships with the staff, the Board, volunteers, the community and stakeholders; ability to gain their trust and forge relationships that will bring forth their best ideas and efforts for supporting and enhancing programs to carry out the mission and raising the funds required to support those activities. 

Detail and Strategic Prioritizing and Planning:  Organization and management skills for the details of the day-to-day running of the business as well as strategic thinking about the organization; clear thinking for prioritizing and leading staff and initiatives to fruition.

To Apply:

Inspirica has retained PNP Staffing Group to lead this Executive Director search. Interest-ed candidates should email a cover letter and resume, with salary requirements, to Wade Savitt, Executive Recruiter, at 

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