Best Practice

Learning Together: Actionable Approaches for Grantmakers

This publication takes an in-depth look at what it means to open our learning and evaluation practices to grantees, other funders, community members, government agencies and others involved in the work. It addresses some of the big questions that grantmakers face in designing success shared learning approaches and shares five case studies of how GEO members are putting these ideas into practice.

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

Independent Sector’s Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice is the foremost guide for sound and successful practice by charities and foundations in the United States. Thirty-three principles succinctly provide clarity about legal compliance and public disclosure, effective governance, strong financial oversight, and responsible fundraising.

Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices is the only survey to gather information from both chief executives and board chairs on their experiences in the nonprofit boardrooms of America. Who serves on nonprofit boards? How are boards structured? What are their policies and practices? What challenges them? Are they providing the leadership needed? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in Leading with Intent

D5 Final Sate of the Work

D5′s 2014 State of the Work highlights new tools and resources, recently completed research, and new organizational approaches that can help foundations and philanthropic organizations take action, achieve their goals regarding DEI, and advance the common good.

Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency

Grant Craft's guide explores how transparency can strengthen credibility, improve grantee relationships, facilitate greater collaboration, increase public trust, reduce duplication of effort, and build communities of shared learning.

Ramping Up

Exponent Philanthropy in the 2014 Issue 1 Essentials reviews the Case Study: The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, as they "Ramp Up," or significantly increase their charitable giving and activities. Included are 5 Tips for Ramping Up.