"For All Ages": The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan

For grantmakers interested in health, community development, the arts, and more, aging offers a natural extension of your programs. For All Ages: The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan is an invaluable resource for funders exploring the possibility of expanding their funding to encompass aging.

Connecticut Toolkit for Giving

A thoughtful guide to your choices for philanthropic giving. This comprehensive online publication includes sections on planning, ways to give, why we give, where to give, and what and how much to give.

Make a direct gift to an established charity

From the Connecticut Toolkit for Giving: You may make direct gifts to charities from your current income and/or assets by writing a check to your favorite charity. Direct gifts provide immediate financial support for religious organizations, educational institutions, and many other nonprofits working to meet important community needs in such areas as health care, the arts, the environment, civic improvement or human services.

Private foundations

From the Connecticut Toolkit for Giving: Private foundations are typically founded by an individual, a family or a group of individuals, and are organized either as a nonprofit corporation or as a charitable trust.