Community Foundation

National Standards for Community Foundations
Developed in the spirit of accountability, transparency and continuous self-improvement, National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations have been updated to meet the evolving realities of community foundations.
Oklahoma City Tornado
A 2-mile wide EF4 tornado raced through parts of Oklahoma City on May 20, 2013, leaving behind a swath of destruction.
Foundation Legal Help Desk

The Foundation Legal Help Desk is designed to provide foundations with quick answers to legal questions related the operations of a foundation.

Public Policy Engagement Continuum

The Public Policy Engagement Continuum is a useful chart with accompanying definitions that shows a full range of possible advocacy activities for community foundations.

Ten Ways for Foundations to Consider Diversity and Inclusive Practices

These guides are designed to help foundations consider how more diverse and inclusive practices might advance their mission by making their work more effective and more reflective of communities served. By highlighting 10 ways foundations can approach diversity, this guide seeks to spark ideas and launch further dialogue.

Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index 2019

The Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index 2019 is the first comprehensive community indicators program for Greater Hartford, covering individual cities and neighborhoods throughout the area.