Facts, Figures, Trends

State of the Child in Bridgeport 2019

For over years Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition has provided Bridgeport with highly valued and comprehensive reports. In the State of the Child in Bridgeport report, you’ll find information on: Juvenile justice and safety; Poverty; Economic insecurity; Early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, and adult education; Health, well-being, and so much more.

Get on the Map: The Case of the Missing Grant

Reporting grants data is the solution to the incomplete grants data picture in Connecticut. Find out why Main Street Community Foundation CEO Susan Sadecki is now reporting her grants data to Foundation Center.

Greater New Haven Community Index 2019

The Greater New Haven Community Index 2019: Understanding Well-Being, Economic Opportunity, and Change in Greater New Haven Neighborhoods, is a comprehensive, 120-page report that describes the communities and neighborhoods that make up the Greater New Haven region, and uncovers the opportunities and issues facing the area.