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Coordinating Collaboration to End Homelessness
The Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC) and a group of advocacy organizations, government agencies, and community providers are leading a campaign to end homelessness in the state. Guided by the vision that “No one should experience homelessness,” the Reaching Home Campaign and Opening Doors—Connecticut (the “Campaign”) emphasizes housing as an essential platform for human and community development. To support the Campaign’s work as it moves past planning and towards implementation and sustainability, the Melville Charitable Trust approached The Building Movement Project (BMP) to conduct a mid-point learning assessment.
Power of Change Award Fact Sheet

The Power of Change Award, created by three Connecticut-based foundation, honors the best achievements and innovations in energy efficiency across Connecticut's state and municipal buildings.

Ramping Up
Exponent Philanthropy in the 2014 Issue 1 Essentials reviews the Case Study: The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, as they "Ramp Up," or significantly increase their charitable giving and activities. Included are 5 Tips for Ramping Up.