Giving Big: The Impact of Large, Unrestricted Gifts on Nonprofits

Publication date: 
December, 2022
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

In 2020 MacKenzie Scott shook up the funding world by announcing an unprecedented series of large gifts, distributing $1.7 billion to 116 nonprofit organizations – many of which focused on issues of racial equity. Not only were these the largest gifts most of the organizations had ever received, but each donation was also made with no restrictions and minimal reporting requirements.

The impacts of this approach provide valuable insight for funders. Even if not every foundation can give at that scale, there are helpful takeaways. What can be learned from this bold new unrestricted approach? How have the nonprofit recipients used these resources? What can that tell us about what they have trouble fundraising for? What have they accomplished that they might not have otherwise? What have been the unintended consequences?

See insights from Center for Effective Philanthropy's newest report, Giving Big: The Impact of Large, Unrestricted Gifts on Nonprofits, providing data and insight from the first of three years closely examining the impacts of Scott’s giving. We’ll discuss the report’s findings as well as implications and larger lessons for the funding community.

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