Connecticut Health Care Survey

Publication date: 
May, 2014

Six health foundations sponsored the Connecticut Health Care Survey (CTHCS), a study of Connecticut residents’ own views on their health and health care, shows that many in Connecticut have access to and receive consistent, high quality health care. However, much work remains to be done particularly as it relates to chronic disease prevalence among adults and children.

The funders of the survey, members of the Connecticut Health Funders Collaborative, include: the Aetna Foundation; Connecticut Health Foundation; the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation of Connecticut; the Foundation for Community Health; Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut; and the Children’s Fund of Connecticut. The study was conducted by the Office of Survey Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Four of the six funders chose to use survey data to commission policy briefs that focus on specific areas of interest and concern in health care and can be accessed below.

Speaking as a collaborative group, the funders noted: “We are proud to present this work of four years to the state and to all parties to the health care system here. We hope it will be used as intended: to inform future health policy-makers, regulators, and other health foundations here and elsewhere to explore the opportunities highlighted by this survey and to measure changes driven by new policy and new law, including the Affordable Care Act.”

For more information: Susan Millerick, The Aetna Foundation, 860-273-0536,; Maryland Grier, Connecticut Health Foundation, 860-724-1580,; Lynne Garner, Donaghue Foundation, 860-521-9011,; Nancy L. Heaton, Foundation for Community Health, 860-364-5157,; Janet Davenport, Universal Health Care Foundation, 203-639-0550,; Julie Tacinelli, Children’s Fund of Connecticut, 860-679-1534,