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Thursday, June 21, 2018



$5 Billion Marks a High Point in Connecticut Giving By Individuals and Foundations >>

Tauck Family Foundation Honored with Philanthropy Award >>

CCP Conference and Keynotes Inspire Leadership and Collaboration >>

CT Data Collaborative to Work with Nonprofits on Data Literacy >>

DataHaven Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Innovation Awards >>

Plan Now to Recognize Black Philanthropy Month in August >>


  Featured Philanthropy News 

$5 Billion Marks a High Point in Connecticut Giving By Individuals and Foundations

Individuals and foundations in Connecticut gave $5 billion in charitable contributions during 2015* according to the Connecticut Giving Report, an annual publication of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy (CCP). As in past years, the Connecticut Giving Report documents charitable giving by individuals, bequests, and foundations as well as philanthropic trends and insights. New this year is a geographic breakout of foundation giving, a look at foundation giving by population, as well as information about how much support for the state's nonprofits flows from out-of-state foundations. This year’s report showcases juxtaposed realities: that giving reached a new high in 2015, with residents and organizations providing $5 billion in grants and donations; and that the numbers of charitable givers in the state has been on a slow decline and will likely drop further as a result of the new tax law.

Key Highlights:

  • Individuals and foundations in Connecticut gave $5 billion to charitable organizations in 2015.
  • In 2015, $3.81 billion of giving was provided by Connecticut individuals.
  • 74% of Connecticut households donated to charity, in 2015.
  • In 2015, foundations in Connecticut provided $1.2 billion in grants to support programs and organizations in the state, around the country, and even internationally.
  • Out-of-state foundations contributed $419 million in grant dollars to Connecticut nonprofits.
  • Despite an increase in individual giving from 2014 to 2015, the numbers of Connecticut residents supporting charitable groups has declined 10% since 2005.

* The report covers giving for calendar year 2015, the most recent year available for comparable data. Every year the CCP collects and analyzes information for this report from a variety of sources including the University of Indiana’s Giving USA and Generosityforlife.org, Guidestar, the IRS Statistics of Income Division, and from 990 and 990-PF tax returns collected by the Foundation Center. Download the Connecticut Giving Report >>     

Tauck Family Foundation Honored with Philanthropy Award

The Tauck Family Foundation was honored with the Nancy P. Roberts Award for Innovation in Philanthropy at the CCP's Conference on May 16, 2018. The foundation is a private, multi-generational family foundation that invests in organizations and initiatives that equip the children of Bridgeport, Connecticut with the necessary social and emotional skills to thrive academically and in life. The foundation was selected for its innovation, impact, and the collaborative nature of its work.

CCP applauds the work of the Tauck Family Foundation as well as the five other funders who were nominated for the Nancy P. Roberts Award, including: Fairfield County’s Community Foundation; Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation; Nellie Mae Education Foundation; United Way of Coastal Fairfield County; and Working Cities Challenge Connecticut. Read more >>    

CCP Conference and Keynotes Inspire Leadership and Collaboration

Nearly 300 philanthropists and nonprofit leaders attended "Disruptive Leadership - Inspiring Strategies for Social Change," CCP's 2018 conference held at the Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre on May 16. This year's event brought the sector together to explore the catalyzing role of philanthropy, to inspire emboldened leadership and collaboration in Connecticut’s philanthropic community, and to offer pragmatic pathways that philanthropies can take to lend deeper support toward the challenges they are working to resolve. The conference featured two keynotes, breakout sessions, networking, the presentation of the Nancy P. Roberts Innovation in Philanthropy Award, an update by CCP president Karla Fortunato, and acknowledgement of the CCP leadership by new Board Chair Kathy Luria.

Find conference materials >>     

CT Data Collaborative to Work with Nonprofits on Data Literacy

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has awarded the Connecticut Data Collaborative (CT data) a three-year grant to improve nonprofit organization's data literacy through an array of workshops, courses, training, focus groups, and evaluations in a multi-pronged, three-year plan. As part of the plan, CT Data will examine the specific needs of nonprofit organizations and their current data capacity, particularly in the Greater Hartford region, as they seek to make better use of available data. Its CT Data Academy convenes data forums and conferences, workshops, and programs.

“Our goal is to reach more nonprofits, make them more comfortable using data, and increase the use of data throughout their work – in evaluating programs, assessing need, informing the public and policy makers, and becoming even more effective in the work they do and the services they provide. We appreciate the support of the Hartford Foundation, for electing to underwrite this effort to strengthen the nonprofit community,” said Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director of the Connecticut Data Collaborative.

“CT Data Academy workshops complement the work of the Hartford Foundation’s Nonprofit Support Program, specifically the Building Evaluation Capacity program, which focuses on the collection and use of internal data of the organization around a specific project,” said Hartford Foundation senior investments officer Yvette Bello. “The CT Data Academy workshops would examine internal and external open data needed for informed policy decisions and service needs.” Read more >>     

DataHaven Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Innovation Awards

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, DataHaven has announced the inaugural DataHaven Innovation Awards to recognize individuals and groups who employ data to make Connecticut a better place. The awards, which will be presented at their Anniversary Celebration in November, will be made in two categories. Data for Community Impact Awards will recognize the outstanding use of data to make a positive difference in one or more Connecticut communities; and Data in Education Awards will recognize the outstanding use of data for projects developed within a classroom or educational setting. The application deadline is October 1, 2018. Download the nomination materials >>       

Plan Now to Recognize Black Philanthropy Month in August

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), held every August, was created in August 2011 by the Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network as a world-wide celebration of African-descent giving. BPM invites individuals and organizations to get involved, offline and online, in activities, discussions, thought pieces, events, and generosity that are important to communities. The BPM website provides resources to help raise visibility and celebrate Black philanthropy in August (#BPM2018) and year round (#BPM365). Their 2018 Participant Guide is coming soon, but in the meantime consider the following: attend a philanthropy or community related event; write an op-ed piece inspired by the theme, especially those focused on philanthropy, community issues, and African Americans; join or start a giving circle in your community; become a mentor; host local civic engagement forums e.g., panel discussions, community conversations, etc. around topics/issues of local interest; engage in a community service project; amplify nationwide #BPM2018 efforts via social media; share news and stories with newcomers to the concept of philanthropy and traditions of Black giving; or donate to a cause of interest. Visit CCP's Black Philanthropy webpage that lists local efforts and resources >>

Planning a BPM#2018 activity or event? CCP will help amplify your effort on social media; contact Laurie Allen, Director of Communications, 860-525-5585.        


Johnson Amendment

Once again, there is an effort to damage the Johnson Amendment by submitting a bill that would enable the IRS to ignore any violations of 501© 3s participating in endorsing candidates and participating/funding electioneering. This repeals the teeth of the legislation and endangers the independence of the sector. Here are details from National Council of Nonprofits:

"On Wednesday, June 13, the House Appropriations Committee took up a bill with the harmful anti-Johnson Amendment rider. Section 112 of the Financial Services and General Government FY2019 spending bill would effectively block enforcement of the Johnson Amendment against “churches” and their auxiliaries – even when they engage in egregious, partisan activities. This is the same extraneous rider that was attached to the Financial Services bill last year, and that was one of the very last items negotiated out of the Omnibus Spending bill enacted in March. In late May, the Vice President reiterated the Administration’s intent to repeal the Johnson Amendment; they aren’t giving up, so we can’t either."

Tax-related Policy Updates

  • Universal Charitable Giving Act
    CCP's national colleague, the United Philanthropy Forum, is working to garner support for the Universal Charitable Giving Act sponsored by Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) in the House (HR 3988) and Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) in the Senate (S 2123). The legislation would extend a charitable deduction to non-itemizers that would be capped at one-third of the standard deduction ($4,000 for single filers and $8,000 for married couples filing jointly). While they have not fully endorsed the bill because of the proposed cap, they do believe signaling support of the effort is important to set precedent for future versions of this and other bills to expand charitable giving.
  • Reps. Smith and Cuellar Introduce Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Act
    On May 11, Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) introduced the Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Act (HR 5771), which would extend the charitable deduction to all taxpayers without limitations. As of now, there is no Senate companion bill. Rep. Smith authored an op-ed in the Washington Examiner in support of the legislation. Read The Chronicle of Philanthropy article about the bill.
  • The Charitable Giving Coalition, made up of hundreds of charities and associations involved in providing philanthropic services to communities across the country, is examining the impact of tax changes on charitable giving throughout 2018 and beyond. Please consider taking this very short survey and/or passing it along to your grantees. The survey asks about the need for services in your community and giving trends at your organization over the past six months. The Coalition will use the information to communicate with policy makers, including members of Congress, about how the tax changes are affecting giving and whether or not additional legislation is warranted to correct problems to help increase giving. Complete the survey by July 13, 2018. Take the survey >>
  • IRS to Crack Down on Connecticut Tax Workaround - CT Mirror 5/23/18 >>
    “The Treasury Department and the IRS intend to propose regulations addressing the federal income tax treatment of transfers to funds controlled by state and local governments (or other state-specified transferees) that the transferor can treat in whole or in part as satisfying state and local tax obligations."
  • $16.3 Billion Drop in Giving Predicted This Year Due to Tax Cut - The Chronicle of Philanthropy 6/19/18 >>

DAF Regulatory Comment Reminder

Treasury continues to request additional comments regarding DAF regulations from nonprofits as well as philanthropy. Although the original comment period has passed, they will accept comments through June. One issue in particular where the sector is not speaking with a single voice is on bifurcation of payment for events. It is clear this could be very damaging to nonprofits and their ability to attract donors to their events to engage and learn about their work. Please encourage your members and their grantees to communicate their support for maintaining the ability for donors to pay for nonprofit events using their DAFs.


On June 8, the Commerce Department (which oversees the Census Bureau) invited the public to comment on the paperwork associated with the 2020 census. The public has until August 7 to submit comments. This is one of the few opportunities for philanthropy to make its case that the citizenship question should be removed from the census questionnaire. Regardless of whether public comments will move the administration to reverse its decision, this establishes an important record for the public, Congress, and the courts to consider. Accordingly, the Funders Census Initiative has developed a sign-on letter for grantmakers only that calls on the Commerce Department to drop the citizenship question. To sign-on, your organization will need to provide: signer’s name, title, organization name, city, and state. The Initiative is collecting signatures until July 16. Add your information here: https://goo.gl/forms/VU9VkrVnWBMYwJcz2. As a reminder, this is not a lobbying activity and is permissible for private foundations. 

Social Justice

JULY 9: 3:00 - 4:00 PM: Election Series Discussion: Funding for Cultural Change: Creating and Meeting the Moment >> 
Over the last few years, we have seen several cultural moments, such as #MeToo and the response to police violence, take place that have raised social justice struggles to the national platform. These unique cultural moments have opened up new and earnest conversations about the type of country we want to become and addressed issues that have been mostly ignored. Join the Funders Committee for Civic Participation's discussion to explore how grassroots leaders have taken these moments, or helped create these moments to build long-term power in their communities, and hear how funders have been supporting this work.

Immigration Policy Resources and Media Coverage

"Since October 2017, the U.S. government has forcibly separated at least 2,400 children—including hundreds who are under four years old—from their parents as they arrive on our southern border seeking refuge. Attorneys and other humanitarian aid workers are reporting significant trauma and despair for separated families. Legal services organizations are working overtime at immigrant detention centers to identify parents who have been separated from their children, help locate their young ones, and support them in navigating complex asylum proceedings. Similarly, advocates for separated and unaccompanied children are working at capacity to provide trauma-informed legal orientation and supportive services, including to children as young as 11 months old. This so-called “zero-tolerance” approach is part of a slate of policies the administration is using to curb legal immigration to the United States, including: enacting harsh administrative procedures; seeking to deny protection to women and girls fleeing gender-based violence; and turning away more asylum seekers at the border to prevent them from asserting their claims." -- Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

Save the Date

MARCH 10-13, 2019: Save the Date: 2019 Policy Works Institute and Foundation on the Hill, Washington, DC
Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) brings together foundation leaders from across the country for meetings with Congress about key issues of importance to foundations and philanthropy. FOTH is presented by United Philanthropy Forum, in partnership with the Alliance for Charitable Reform and Council on Foundations. Plan now to join CCP's Connecticut delegation to meet with our law makers in Washington, DC. The PolicyWorks Institute, held in conjunction with FOTH, is the one opportunity each year for regional and national philanthropy-serving organizations to take a “deep dive” together to strengthen their policy and advocacy work in philanthropy.


State Budget

  • Connecticut ‘Locks’ into New Budgetary Restraints - CT Mirror 5/25/18 >>
    In late October 2017, the General Assembly approved four new fiscal controls as part of a bipartisan budget deal:
    - A spending cap that says the annual growth in this area cannot exceed average personal income growth in Connecticut or inflation, whichever is greater;
    - A bond cap that prohibits the state from issuing more than $1.9 billion in bonding per year. The limit is adjusted annually to reflect the federal Consumer Price Index’s rate of inflation;
    - A volatility cap that forces the state to save, rather than spend, any income tax receipts from quarterly filings — which stem chiefly from capital gains and other investment earnings — in excess of $3.115 billion per year. This limit is adjusted annually to reflect growth in personal income; and
    - A revenue cap that also forces the legislature to save more funds. Lawmakers can appropriate only 99.5 percent of all estimated revenues, starting in 2020. The other one-half of 1 percent must be saved. This target gradually increases annually until 2 percent must be saved starting in 2026 and continuing at that level thereafter.

  • Bipartisan Budget Agreement Passes House & Senate - The Connecticut Nonprofit Alliance
    On May 9, 2018, the legislature adopted a $20.8 billion bipartisan midterm FY19 budget adjustment (SB-543) that was the result of two weeks of negotiations between the leadership of Republican and Democratic caucuses in the House and the Senate. Read The Alliance's budget analysis document >>

Economic Stability

Taxing Nonprofits

Charitable organizations are exempt from local property tax in Connecticut by CGS Section 12-81; Subsection (7) exempts the property owned by “a corporation organized exclusively for… charitable purposes.”  Despite this statute and relevant case law, municipalities in Connecticut have been increasingly denying nonprofit property tax exemptions. A survey by The Alliance reports that property tax exemptions for nonprofits are being denied or challenged in 44 municipalities. 

Civic Engagement

  • The Hartford Foundation Civic Engagement Project: Get Out the Vote Campaign is a nonpartisan initiative of the Hartford Foundation to increase the voter engagement of historically disenfranchised community members, drawing upon the strength of nonprofits and individuals committed to improving  the quality of life for all. The Grant includes a project grant of up to $10,000; training and support for conducting nonpartisan voter registration, voter pledge activities, and other voter engagement; and resources, materials, and tools for a successful voter registration and pledge to vote program. Request for Proposal deadline is July 13, 2018. Learn more >>
  • "Vote or Lose" Briefing Series: There is a lot at stake this election and nonprofits must make sure candidates hear their voices. CT Nonprofit Alliance is holding seven regional election briefings to learn how to make that happen. Attendees will hear from former legislators, nonprofit leaders, and Alliance staff on how to effectively engage gubernatorial and legislative candidates through nonpartisan activities during the election. Register Now >>

    - Today: June 21 l Rocky Hill, 9:30 - 11:00 AM, Alliance Rocky Hill Office
    - June 26 l Torrington, 1:30 - 3:00 PM, McCall Center for Behavioral Health
    - July 10 l Waterbury, 1:30 - 3:00 PM, CT Counseling Centers
    - July 11 l New London, 9:30 - 11:00 AM, Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT
    - July 17 l Norwalk, 10:00 - 11:30 AM, Keystone House
    - July 23 l Middletown, 10:00 - 11:30 AM, MARC
    - July 25 l New Haven, 9:30 - 11:00 AM, United Way of Greater New Haven
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence hosted over 130 members of Connecticut’s nonprofit community today during an interactive and collaborative Advocacy Day 2018 at Grace Farms in New Canaan. As part of its ongoing Advocacy Series, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation offered this seminar in partnership with Grace Farms Foundation. Designed to strengthen advocacy skills and best practices among nonprofits, the seminar featured experts, a panel discussion, and workshops.
  • JULY 10: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM: Save the Date: CT Civic Engagement Collaborative Event, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Hartford
    This is a meeting will feature speaker Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Director of CIRCLE (Center For Information & Research On Civic Learning And Engagement) at Tufts University. Kei will provide national and regional context about the state of civic engagement, and help us think about civic and political development among marginalized populations: what are the barriers, possible solutions, and how can we transform the dialogue about the engagement of young people.     

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  Grants and RFPs

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Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

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William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

Perrin Family Foundation

Other Grants and RFPs

Funders Network for Smart and Livable Communities

Watertown Foundation

  Events and Other Opportunities

Resilience Reporting Workshop >>CCP-The-power-of-membership-logo

JUNE 30, 9:00 AM - JULY 1, 4:00 PM: deKoven House Community Center, Middletown
The Rockfall Foundation in partnership with the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, is presenting a workshop for journalists and student journalists. Participants will hear from national and state experts on resilience and will travel along the Connecticut coast to explore several communities that are working to address resilience challenges.

From Walkouts to Power: Youth of Color as a Moving Force for Change >>

JULY 9: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM: New York, NY
Join the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing for a special funder strategy session focused on young people of color in this moment of powerful opportunity. Young people are taking account of the lessons learned from the national moment around gun control and turning momentum into meaningful power at the 2018 elections and beyond. As the leading edge of the new American majority, there is potential that this generation will engage in ways that transform the nation for years to come. FCYO invites interested youth-focused funders and donors to a special peer learning and strategy space to develop a shared response. 

Innovative Philanthropy to Close the Opportunity Gap >>CCP-The-power-of-membership-logo

JULY 18: 12:30 - 1:10 PM: Webinar
Fairfield County's Community Foundation is hosting a series of specially-themed webinars to spark discussions and launch the community into the years to come. The July webinar highlights a powerful approach to solving persistent youth unemployment around the world, and features Tia Hodges of the Citi Foundation's Pathways to Progress Initiative. They'll also share more about the ways in which FCCF is working with partners to build strong communities across Fairfield County.

Hometown Harmonies Celebration >>CCP-The-power-of-membership-logo

JULY 13: Owenego Inn Beach & Tennis Club, Branford
The Branford Community Foundation is holding a community-wide party to celebrate the community, make new friends, raise awareness and funds, and much more. Hometown Harmonies attendees will enjoy: musical performances from local student productions, a big headliner who hails from the shoreline, success stories about BCF grant recipients and donors, recognition for community heroine, Eunice Lasala.    

  The power of good people

The Connecticut Bar Foundation Board of Directors elected Attorney Andrea Barton Reeves to serve as its 20th president at its Annual Meeting. Ms. Barton Reeves is the second woman and first African-American president in the organization’s 66-year history. Ms. Barton Reeves is President and CEO of Harc, Inc., a not-for-profit provider of services for people with intellectual and related disabilities and their families. She previously held several leadership positions in the CBF, most recently as its Vice President and co-chair of the Grantmaking Committee. An active member of her community, she serves on the boards of the American School for the Deaf, Leadership Greater Hartford, and the YWCA of Greater Hartford. She has been named one of the Hartford Business Journal's 40 under Forty, and Five New Leaders to Watch (2013). Ms. Barton Reeves previously served as Secretary of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) and as co-chair of the CBA Women in the Law Committee. She spent the early part of her career as a litigator in two large law firms before devoting her practice to representing children almost exclusively in child protection, delinquency, high-conflict custody and probate court matter. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and New York Law School. Read more >>

Alexis Bivens has joined the team at the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation as their new program director. Ms. Bivens will leverage her deep experience in youth development, collective action, philanthropy, and nonprofit management to lead their education giving that is focused on the 1 in 5 kids with learning and attention issues. She will work with partners on complex community systems and will bring her values of openness, inclusion, and partnership to support the Foundation’s investment in Sustainable CT and the national network of states addressing sustainability at a community scale. Ms. Bivens was previously with the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation where she served as the director of Thrive by 25.  Read more >>

Susan (Susie) Payne of Washington and Frances Stoffer of New Hartford have been named to the executive committee of the Women & Girls Fund of the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation. The Fund awards grants annually for programs and capital needs with a focus on promoting economic self-sufficiency for women and girls through education, financial literacy, and social services. A resident of Washington and a graduate of Simmons College, Susan (Susie) Paynewas was director of development and then executive director of the Roxbury Land Trust. Previous to that, she was executive director at the Institute for American Indian Studies, and also worked at the New Milford Hospital Foundation. Frances Stoffer, a resident of New Hartford and a graduate of Wesleyan University and the University of Massachusetts, is the founder of Frances Stoffer, LLC, which facilitates professional learning communities. Read more >>       

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