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The Connecticut Council for Philanthropy is the leading voice to policy makers on behalf of Connecticut’s grantmakers. The CCP works with its members and public policy committee to connect the ideas and insights of the Connecticut philanthropic community to policy makers. One way the Council does this is by informing grantmakers about key state and federal policy issues, and the potential impact on the philanthropic sector and giving. Read our full policy >>

CCP Policy Update - August 3, 2020 >>
Learn about CT Special Legislative Session, CT Fiscal Update, Workers Compesnsation, the Census, and Voting.

CCP Policy Update - July 7, 2020 >>
Learn about PPP Loan Application Deadline and Forgiveness, Eviction Moratorium, Department of Ed's Plan for Instruction, and the Census.

CCP Policy Update - May 29, 2020 >>
Learn about Federal COVID-19 Legislation, PPP Loan Forgiveness Process, and the Census.

CCP Policy Update - May 6, 2020 >>
Learn about Federal Aid Packages, State Reopen Advisories, and the Census.

CCP Policy Update - April 1, 2020 >>
Learn about Coronavirus Aid, Nonprofits in Stimulus Bill, State Aid for Nonprofits and the Census.

CCP Policy Update - February 27, 2020 >>
Learn about the legislative session, the Governor’s budget, Census 2020, the federal private foundation excise tax, and other policy-focused resources.

CCP Policy Update - Census Workshops for Nonprofits - January 8, 2020 >>
Learn about the upcoming Census workshops series that CCP is co-sponsoring throughout January.

CCP Policy Update - New Tax Bill - January 2, 2020 >>
Simplification of the Private Foundation Excise Tax; Repeal of the Unrelated Business Income Tax

CCP Policy Update - December 18, 2019 >>
Census and CT Philanthropy in the News

CCP Policy Update - November 21, 2019 >>
Census Alert - What is the Census? Why Is a Complete Count Important?

CCP Policy UPdate - August 29, 2019 >>
Federal budget, tax extenders and UBIT; the private foundation excise tax; the Everyday Philanthropist Act; narrowing of food stamp eligibility; immigration policy; and Census news and resources

CCP Policy Update - June 28, 2019 >>
The State Budget, 2020 Census, and federal issues such as unrelated business tax, SALT workarounds, and a new charity bill

CCP Policy Update - May 15, 2019 >>
Bills That Would Have Levied Taxes on Nonprofits with Endowments

CCP Public Hearing Testimony - April 26, 2019 >>
Testimony Against "An Act Concerning Deposits In Lieu of Taxes," Raised S.B. No. 1137

CCP Policy ALERT - April 25, 2019 >>
New Bill Would Levy Fees on Nonprofits with Endowments

CCP Policy Update - April 24, 2019 >>
Learn about the State Budget and Legislation, CCP's State Budget Impact Forum Recap, Advocacy for Equity Event, Child Care Legislative Forum and Policy Brief, and Foundations on the Hill Reviewed.

CCP Policy Update - March 1, 2019 >>
Find links and information relevant to the CT philanthropic community, including: Governor Lamont’s state budget proposal and the Nonprofit Alliance’s analysis, news on Census 2020 in Connecticut, an update on impacts of the new tax law, and information on federal universal charitable deduction bills.

CCP Policy Update - February 14, 2019 >>
Two important new items about the Census 2020 in Connecticut and the Governor's letter on the budget.

CCP Policy Update - October 12, 2018 >>
Proposed regulations that would curtail the right to assemble on federal land.

CCP Policy Update - October 2, 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - August 22, 2018 >>

Letter on Census Citizenship Question - August 2, 2018 >>

Statement in Support of Children and Families Seeking Refuge in the United States - July 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - June 21, 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - March 21, 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - February 16, 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - February 2, 2018 >>

CCP Policy Update - January 11, 2018 >>

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