Accountability Self-Assessment Tools for Staffed Private Foundations

Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

The Accountability Self-Assessment Tool is a comprehensive resource to help unstaffed private foundations ensure that they are complying with key federal laws and regulations and assess how well they are engaging in generally recommended good practices for being accountable to the public.

Directions for the Accountability Self-Assessment Tool
The process for completing the self-assessment (questionnaire, response tabulation, follow-up actions, review of results and development an accountability plan.)

Accountability Self-Assessment Tool for Staffed Foundations - complete
Foundations can assess their foundation for both legal compliance issues and accountability issues.

By Individual Tools
Adminstration Self-Assessment Tool
Communications/Disclosure Self-Assessment Tool
Evaluation Self-Assessment Tool
Finance Self-Assessment Tool
Governance Self-Assessment Tool
Grantmaking Self-Assessment Tool
Mission & Strategy Self-Assessment Tool
Public Policy Self-Assessment Tool

Check List for Staffed Foundations
Use this checklist to ensure that your foundation is complying with the law. (All the legal items in the checklist are also included in the Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire).

Worksheet for Staffed Foundations
An MS Excel spreadsheet to help a foundation tabulate its responses.

Self-Assessment Tool Glossary
A glossary of key words and concepts used in the self-assessment tool.

Accountability Resource List
An extensive resource list to help foundations learn more about any of the topics and issues covered in the tool. The resources in the list are grouped by the same topics and sub-topics used in the self-assessment questionnaire.